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BodyCraft 800M Treadmill

BodyCraft 800M Treadmill
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BodyCraft 800M Treadmill  [ 084905 ]
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Bodycraft 800M Treadmill

Introducing the revolution in Running with the Bodycraft 800M Treadmill. There are many treadmills in the marketplace but none provide the smooth feel of the Bodycraft 800M Treadmill. Rated highly by many users and Fitness experts gives this treadmill the number one spot on our list for home and institutional use. With its high quality and smooth feeling, its no wonder why many customers are buying the Bodycraft 800M treadmill over other top name Brands.

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Bodycraft 800M Treadmill is a leading treadmill in the fitness industry.

Built for the serious runner, the BODYCRAFT 800M Blu Series Treadmill has an industry leading structural frame combined with 6 different levels of shock absorption and cushioning. The 800M provides users with the perfect amount of foot strike relief where they need it and just the right amount of stability for push off.

Heavy duty stable club “design” 
Scrolling LED alphanumeric display
Dot Matrix displaying program profiles
Powerful 3.0 HP motor
18 total programs
Contact heart rate sensor
Direct entry numeric keypad
Accessory/water bottle holders
Commercially warranted
Expanded running surface

Bodycraft 800M Treadmill Features:

Window Displays: current incline and speed.
Dot Matrix Display: shows speed, incline and track profiles.
Alphanumeric Display: scrolls through pertinent data and motivational messages. Feedback includes Speed, Avg. Speed, Incline, Time, Distance, Pace, Avg. Pace, Calories, Cal/Min, METS, Heart Rate, and Max HR.
Built In: reading rack and accessory/water bottle holders.
Programming: 18 total programs: 14 preset programs (10 classic, 4 heart rate controlled, 4 custom), Create Your Own workout option, and 1 manual quick start. Pause mode with 30 minute program saver.
Motor: powerful 3.0 HP motor and 1,350 lb. incline thrust motor.
Heart Rate Device: built-in Polar compatible heart rate receiver and built in contact heart rate sensor.
Cushioning: created with Impact + Shock Control Technology (i+SC) to protect your joints.
Speed Control: speed control (CSC) technology to ensure natural movement.
Direct Entry Numeric Key Pad: enter your profile settings and quickly adjust speed and incline.

Your Purchase Will Include:

Brand New Bodycraft 800M Treadmill
Free Shipping
Free Insurance While Shipping
Full Manufactures Warranty

Bodycraft 800M Treadmill Warranty:

Lifetime On Frame and Weld
Lifetime On Motor
12 Years Parts
2 Years On Labor

Bodycraft 800M Treadmill Overview and Specifications:

Electrical Requirements - 120VAC 50/60HZ 15A
Drive Motor - Internally cooled 3.0 HP continuous duty
Controller - PWM motor controller
Elevation Motor - Thermally protected linear actuator rated for up to 1350lbs thrust
Speed Range - 0.5-12 mph (0.1 mph increments)
Incline Range - 0% - 15% (0.5% increments)
Running Surface - 20"W x 63"L
Roller - 2.5" Diameter crowned rollers with precision sealed bearings
Deck - Rear mounted 1" pre lubricated phenolic cushioned by 6 variable elastomers
Belt - 2 ply silicone impregnated anti-static belt
User Capacity - 400lbs / 180kgs   
Assembled Weight / Dimensions - 273lbs - 88"L x 33"W x 58"H
Shipping Info - 320lbs 90"L x 32"W x 18"H

Cooling Center:

BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rowing Machine
The VR200 features a built in cooling fan. As you pull the center mounted air vent allows air to be forced through the vent and onto you, coolng you off as you workout. The harder you work the harder the air blows. This feature really pays off as you test your limits on this rower. 

Conture Glide Seat:
BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rower Rowing Machine
Designed for comfort and smoothness. They used heavy duty commercial grade bearings for one of the smoothest gliding seats available. This feature will really pay off when rowing a classic 10K

Pivoting Footrest:

BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rower Rowing Machine

Our pivoting adjustable footrests allow for most sized feet to comfortably fit into the proper position. The extra wide lockdown strap ensures a solid anchor for your feet giving you maximum push power. The footrest lock down for push off and also pivot forward with the natural motion of your body upon the return stroke for ultimate comfort. 


Whisper Drive Belt:
BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rower Rowing Machine
Zero maintenance commercial quality nylon drive belt is very quiet, smooth, clean and requires no lubrication. Machine tested with 287 Lbs. of stress pulled over a half a million times. Others may use a chain drive which requires constsnt maintenance, lubrication and is very noisy.

Precision T13 Aluminum Track:
BodyCraft VR200 Pro Rower Rowing Machine
Boasting 47" in lengthand 34.25" of seat travel, our precision extruded l-beam track delivers a large range of travel for every sized user. The accuracy of the extrusion ensures an ultra smooth and quiet rowing experience. 

In Home Warranty:
Built to the highest quality specifications, the 800M Treadmill frame and all weld points are guaranteed for as long as you own the machine. All other parts are warranted for a period of twelve years from purchase date. 2 Year labor.

Bodycraft 800M Treadmill Reviews:

Independent reviewers of the Bodycraft 400M Treadmill:

  • The Blu Series 800M is Bodycraft’s top treadmill for runners. Introduced in 2015, it’s a relatively new option for home gyms and light commercial fitness centers. This treadmill features a 63″ track, provides plenty of workout guidance and has a great warranty on parts: 12 years for home use, five years for light commercial. Impressive quality control helps ensure easy assembly and product durability.

    A unique feature of the Bodycraft 800M Treadmill is variable cushioning. Trainees choose from six levels of shock absorption to get a just-right combination of support and cushioning. Other highlights include a 15% automated incline, heart rate controlled workouts and a tablet computer port.

    This unit is priced at $2999 but sells for less during a launch special. The introductory special also adds a free chest strap for wireless heart rate monitoring.

    What We Like:

    • Long Track: Sized for long strides, the Blu Series 800M has a 63″ x 20″ track. The two-ply belt is made with silicone to avoid the need for lubrication. Other treadmills in the Blu Series have 58” tracks. All Blue Series treadmill tracks have 2.5″ rollers with sealed bearings.
    • High Speed: This runners’ treadmill has a top speed of 12 mph. The slowest speed is .5 mph, and speed increases by .1 mph increments. Data can be displayed in miles or kilometers.
    • Cushioning: Bodycraft’s Blu Series treadmills have six kinetic energy dampers under the tracks. Easily adjusted, they help trainees get a comfortable combination of firm push-off support and a cushioned landing.
    • Incline: The track can incline automatically by up to 15% to support faster calorie burn and muscle definition. With 1,350 pounds of thrust, the incline motor moves smoothly for a comfortable and dynamic workout experience.
    • Console Extras: The 800M treadmill has a water bottle holder, an accessory tray, a reading rack and a jack for a tablet computer.
    • Workouts: A blue dot matrix screen displays progress through 18 preset workout programs. Some of the options are named Manual, Interval, Thigh Burner, Glute Tone and Easy Jog. Four programs interact with the trainee’s heart rate via a contact monitor or wireless telemetry. A custom program can be saved too. In case a person needs to pause a workout, the console will save data for up to 30 minutes.
    • Data: Ten data points are provided: Speed, Average Speed, Incline, Time, Distance, Vertical Distance, Pace, Avg. Pace, Calories, Cal/Min, METS, Heart Rate and % Max Heart Rate.
    • Heart Rate Monitoring: The Bodycraft 800M Treadmill is sold with a contact heart rate monitor and can be used with wireless chest straps. At product launch a chest strap is included ($49 value). The contact heart rate monitor is more useful than those from some other brands; a person can comfortably make contact with the receiver during workouts.
    • Motor: The 3.0 HP continuous duty motor is built to last. It’s under lifetime warranty for home use and is covered for 10 years in light commercial settings.
    • Assembly: Assembling this treadmill is relatively easy. The Bodycraft manual provides clear instructions divided into seven steps.
    • High Capacity: The 800M treadmill can support up to 400 pounds.
    • Transport Wheels: This fitness machine weighs nearly 275 pounds, yet it’s easy to move thanks to attached transport wheels.
    • Warranty: New Bodycraft treadmills have excellent warranties. The residential warranty for the Bodycraft 800M provides lifetime coverage on the motor and frame. Parts are protected for 12 years and labor is provided for two. For light commercial settings the frame and motor are protected for 10 years. Parts are protected for five years and free labor is provided during the first year of ownership.
    • Quality Control: Bodycraft goes the extra mile to ensure that its products are properly made. Each treadmill is fully assembled at the factory, then tested for speed, electronics and so forth. The treadmill is then disassembled and the parts are cleaned. Finally, to ensure that all parts are included, Bodycraft weighs each box before shipping.

Learn More About Bodycraft 800M Treadmill

*** BodyCraft Platinum products can only be purchase within our local stores** Call for more details --Thank you



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Warranty Information
Fitness Warehouse is an Authorized Dealer for Bodycraft Product. You will be receiving the full manufactures warranty. Your warranty covers Lifetime on frame and motor, all parts for 12 years and 2 Year coverage on labor.

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