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Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
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Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle  [ 0352 ]

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Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle

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Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle

Introducing the revolution in bike training with the Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle. There are many Bikes in the marketplace but none provide the smooth feel of the Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle. Rated highly by many users and Fitness experts gives this Bike the number one spot on our list for home and institutional use. With its high quality and smooth feeling, its no wonder why many customers are buying the Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle over other top name Brands.

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Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle is becoming a leading indoor cycle in the fitness industry.

Never miss a workout with the CycleOps Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle. Four points of adjustment easily duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike for maximum ergonomics, comfort and efficiency, seamlessly transferring your hard work to the outdoors.The super-stable 100%-steel construction and leveling feet on the Bike allows you to sprint and climb with wild abandon, and a freewheeling hub lets you coast and recover.

Also, the CycleOps Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle has a Joule 2.0 computer that lets you see speed, cadence and heart rate as you ride, downloads to your computer in seconds for greater feedback, and can be transferred to your outdoor bike so you never need another computer. Maximizing your fitness has never been easier

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle Features Include:

  • PowerTap technology provides +/- 1.5% accurate power feedback to take the guess work out of riding.
  • Joule GPS+ cycling computer included to collect data.
  • Four points of micro-adjustment lets you duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike.
  • Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level.
  • Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast to recover between efforts.
  • 48-pound flywheel makes the unit ride and look like an outdoor bike, while the rear-location keeps it out of the "sweat zone".
  • Steel frame and stable platform is ideal for sprinting workouts or hill climbs.
  • Dual capacity water bottle holder to keep you hydrated for the long haul.
  • Road-style handlebars allow for posture and riding positions that replicate the feel of your outdoor bike.
  • CycleOps saddle included; can be swapped out for a more customized ride.
  • Pedals not included. Compatible with standard 9/16 pedal axle.
  • Includes heart rate monitor.
  • Complimentary 2 Week Free Trial for CycleOps VirtualTraining included.
  • The Phantom 3 is compatible with most ANT+ CycleOps or PowerTap products, but doesn't work with the CycleOps Cervo (a.k.a. the little yellow computer) or Joule 1.0. Contact us if you have compatibility questions.
  • Download the Phantom Fact Sheet PDF

Your Purchase Will Include:

  • Brand New Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Insurance While Shipping
  • Full Manufactures Warranty

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle Warranty:

  • Lifetime On Frame
  • 1 Year On Parts
  • 1 Year On Electronics

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle Assembly and Maintenance Videos:

When your purchase this Bike you will have the ease of mind that assembly will be a pieace of cake. The unit already comes roughly 85% Pre-Assembled. As well as coming nearly fully assembled, a hardware package is included to help with the remaining assembly required. This video will demonstrate how easy it is to set up your Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle.
Assembly Video:

The Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle is easy to maintain and clean. This video will demonstrate that to you.
Use and Care Video:

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle Overview and Reviews:

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
With the Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle you Get all the performance benefits of both Joule™ and our Pro Series frame. Joule includes dashboard, reports and history of your basic cycling functions. The Pro Series frame offers freewheel gearing and allows you to quickly adjust all geometries necessary for creating the perfect fit.
Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle
With adjustment points for all the key heights and lengths, it's easy to dial–in your CycleOps Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle for the perfect fit. If you share the bike with others, simply jot down your coordinates and it'll never take you more than a minute to get it back in position for your next ride.

Quickly adjust all geometries necessary for creating the perfect fit.

You'll also find that years of research and testing have helped us deliver ride quality that rivals that of your outside bike. So grab a water bottle, hop on and prepare to watch time fly faster than you ever thought possible riding indoors.

Cycleops Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle

Whether logging miles while your favorite DVD plays or gazing out the window during a recovery spin, Joule™ 2.0 wirelessly collects and stores your data so you can focus on the ride.

Record your heart rate, speed, distance, time and cadence and easily download it to your computer for analysis after the credits roll. From this data you can tailor your training to be miles ahead of the competition--on the road and during the occasional round of movie trivia

The people at CompetitiveCyclist review the Cycleops Indoor Cycle in this educational video:

The people at TurboTrainerReviews review the Cycleops Indoor Cycle and says the following about this Indoor Cycle:

Full Review of the CycleOps Indoor Cycle

The CycleOps Indoor Cycle exercise bike is perfect for someone looking for the ultimate in home fitness training.

If you are looking for an exercise bike for the ultimate home training experience then look no further. An exercise bike like this is designed for those who are really serious about their bicycle training; someone who needs to train to the highest standard whatever the time of day or the weather outside. If youre training for triathlon or serious road racing then a bike like this can be invaluable.

The CycleOps Indoor Cycle is heavy

To start with the CycleOps Indoor Cycle is a heavy bike. It comes packaged and delivered to your door but after that youre on your own and youd probably be better off if you have a friend on hand to help get the package inside.

Setting up the CycleOps Indoor Cycle

Once unpacked you are faced with a large bicycle shaped jigsaw puzzle that luckily doesnt have too many parts. Time taken to put the pieces together: 25minutes and 23 seconds. Yes, we do put bicycle trainers together a lot here but it really is simple and you should be up and running on your new CycleOps Indoor Cycle within 30 -40 minutes.

Once assembled its pretty easy to move around thanks to the wheels incorporated at the back of the bike.

The CycleOps Indoor Cycle is fantastically flexible in its set up. You can adjust both the handlebars and seat position to your exact specification. This means that you can set it up to mimic your road bike so as to make the training as effective as possible. This is ultimately better than using a turbo trainer or bicycle rollers as you can train as if you were on your bike, without damaging and wearing down your bike.

If you need to justify splashing out on this exercise bike youll be relieved to know that it can fit quite a variety of people, so your other half can use it to keep fit when youre not training.

A feature I especially like on the CycleOps Indoor Cycle is the fact that you can swap the saddle out for your own, thus making the experience as close to training on your own bike as youre going to get. And yes, you could put your comfy Brooks commuter saddle on the bike if you wanted to (not that that would help your training, but its nice to have options).

How the Cycleops Indoor Cycle rides

The actual ride on the CycleOps Indoor Cycle is great. The 48-lb flywheel makes sure that starting and stopping is as smooth as you could wish for. You can throw your weight around on this exercise bike, getting out of the saddle for serious sprints and climbs without as much as a wobble.

The resistance is adjusted using a dial on the front of the Cycle, it is seamless so you can very easily adjust it to the exact amount of resistance required.

Now what makes this exercise bike special is its power output reading. You can fine tune your training sessions to make them consistent over and over again. This is a feature that professionals will really appreciate as they look to fine tune elements of their fitness. The electronic interface can be tailored to fit your exact training program.

The CycleOps Indoor Cycle can store up to 150 hours of output from your training sessions before you download it on to your computer. Once there, the Cycleops Poweragent software that comes with the PT300 is pretty easy to use and allows you to really analyze your training data, excellent for eking out that extra percentage point of performance that can mean the difference between winning and losing. The data is downloaded via simple USB connection.

You can replicate hill climbs and sprints at set power outputs and the same cadence repeatedly. Its easy to adjust and easy to train on. CycleOps Indoor Cycle is fantastic for interval training. You can use it to warm up on before getting out on the road or to warm down when you get back.

What we think about the Cycleops Indoor Cyle

Overall the CycleOps Indoor Cycle is a professional grade bicycle trainer that if you have the money & space for it will revolutionize your training regime. You will no longer need to attach your bike to a turbo trainer or balance it on rollers. With hugely detailed data output and wireless heart rate monitoring you can track and compare all of your training sessions for a completely optimized training regime. This is crucial if you want to eke out those extra few percentage points of performance.

If youre serious about your training: CycleOps Indoor Cycle, I promise you will not regret it.

Pros: Power output, Dedicated training device, Reduced wear on your road bike, High quality, Data Analysis, Smooth ride, Use your own saddle,

Cons: Needs dedicated space, large initial investment

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Warranty Information
Fitness Warehouse is an Authorized Dealer for Cycleops Product. You will be receiving the full manufactures warranty. Your warranty covers all parts for 1 year, electronice for 1 Year and a lifetime coverage on bike frame.

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