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Smith Machines & Cages
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Smith Machines & Cages
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Bodycraft XFT Functional Trainer Home Gym
Bodycraft XFT  [ 10002 ]
Price: $4,999.00
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The Jones Platinum provides stretch training, body weight training, functional training, and strength training, all in one compact, aesthetically pleasing design.

The Jones Platinum series offers the widest range of both tried-and-true, and cutting edge strength training exercises. From traditional barbell training, to an incredible range of functional training, nothing even comes close to offering the variety and safety.

List Price:  $7099.00
Our Price: $6867.00

Ask if available :  Body Craft Jones Platinum w/ JP7ABB Active Balance Bar  --without FBT (Full Body Trainer )  
** This is to cut costs and if available , taking off the FBT from the Jones Platinum savings over $3000.00, from $6867.00
*see picture of FTB once you click and read more about it. 

WITHOUT FBT * if  option is available 
List Price :  $3399.00
Our Price$3189.00

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*** BodyCraft Platinum products can only be purchase within our local stores** Call for more details --Thank you

Bodycraft Jones Platinum Smith Machine System  [ 2511 ]

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Reg Pric: $7,099.00
Price: $6,867.00
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    • Our Rack Functional Trainer (RFT) is built for MAXIMUM flexibility and safety. Rugged construction and adjustable spotter arms make your workout enjoyable, quick and safe. Add the optional Dip Handles and a Utility Bench for a Complete Strength Training System.
    • RACK OUT – Fully Functional Power Rack with Chin Bar, 2 sets of Bar Catches, and Safety Spotters with Utility Catches. Adjustments are Pop-pin and in tight 2″ increments. Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of the 4 Uprights make it easy to set your Catches and Spotters.
  • FUNCTIONAL FRONT – Dual Front Adjustable Swiveling Pulleys with 23 Height Positions. Adjust the Pulley Height by Simply Releasing the Pop-Pin and Sliding the Pulley to Your Desired Position. The Laser Etched #’s on the Inside of Each Upright Will Make Sure Both Pulleys are at Equal Heights.
  • GET LOW – In the Rear of the RFT are Dual Independent Low Pulleys. This Station is Ideal for Rows, Bicep Curls, Ab Exercises, etc.
  • BRING IT DOWN – The RFT Features Dual Independent Swiveling High Pulleys Mounted at the Top Rear of the Rack. These Can be Used in Conjunction with the Included Lat Bar or Single Handles. Work Your Shoulders, Back, Arms, and More!
Bodycraft F438 RFT Rack Functional Trainer  [ 10000 ]
Price: $3,599.00
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